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Have you got it?

Got It! is a scavenger hunt board game that I started developing way back in the 1980's. The first versions had a medieval theme and were called "King's Quest". Over time, with repeated playings, it turned out that it was better to get rid of the theme and make the game generic. And so Got It! was born.
Got It! is available NOW at TheGameCrafter. Please note that TheGameCrafter is a "print on demand" service. When you place an order for Got It!, your order will be placed in a queue of all the open orders for games. Depending on how many orders are ahead of you, it might be several days or even a couple of weeks before your copy of the game is made and mailed out.


Got It! - the Board Game Got It! Gameboard



Playing Got It!

From the deck of objects, you are dealt five.

Alarm Clock Scissors Tape Teapot Trumpet


If an object is on the water, you're going to need a boat pass to get to it.

Boat Pass


If an object is on the other side of the board, a toll pass can get you there quickly.

Toll Pass


Action Cards can help you out...

Additional Turn Move 4 Spaces


...or cause you grief.

Additional Turn Send Home


Be the first to get all five of your objects Home, and you've won!

Got It!


You can buy your own copy of Got It! at TheGameCrafter.


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