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Can you make it to the Finish Line?

Finish Line is a strategy game for two to four players that gives a twist to the typical "start to finish" game: all players can move all cars, and the goal is to get the cars to finish in a certain order. Stop signs and special moves add to the strategy.
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Playing Finish Line

Each player starts with a card that shows the order they want the cars to finish. All the cards have a different order. Players keep the order shown on their card hidden from the other players, so that no player knows what order the other players have.

Finish Line Cards


On a turn, a player can move multiple cars. Players can also add and remove stop signs, and use "shift chips" to make additional special moves.

Finish Line Cards


Players earn points for the cars that finish in the same order as shown on their cards. First player to 10 wins!


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